We planned, as much as anyone can, for the boys to get some extra sensory play this past weekend.  Boys need to be outside whenever they can.  Boys with anxiety and high sensory needs NEED to be outside just that much more.  Thankfully we were blessed with dry weather and decent temperatures.

When we built our house almost 6 years ago we chose the location because it was close to town with a truly remote feel.  We have a field behind our house that screams to be played in when the farmer doesn’t see the need to fill it with crops.  It’s perfect for flying kites and running great distances and playing in dirt.

February snow + March thaw + field of dirt = a truly heavenly muddy playground fit for kings and little boys.

No, there are no photos to document this event.  There should be.  Really.  The mud that was tracked into my home through my back door was enough to cake my entire house and keep me cool in the summer.  The smiles on the faces of the muddy, wet boys was enough to make me simply shake my head and help them remove their clothing.  My washer certainly got a work out this weekend!

On Saturday morning, Eli shared with us that he had gotten stuck in the mud and that Keegan had to pull him out.  He couldn’t believe that he could get stuck like that.  My honey told him a story about how she lost a boot in the mud when she was in grade school.  She had to wear mismatched boots home because her boot was never found in the quickly sinking mud pit.  Eli seemed to question her believability in this story but moved onto another subject.

Saturday evening we had my in-laws over for dinner.  The boys returned outside to play while we made dinner and talked.  Homemade pizzas take a while so they got to play for a good hour.  About the time that we were getting ready to call them in, Keegan came to the back door.  He stripped from head to toe and ran upstairs to get some clean, dry clothes on.  We expected Eli to be close behind him.  When he didn’t come my FIL offered to go to the back door and call him in.  He opened the door and called to us instead that Eli was in the field screaming that he was stuck and couldn’t move at all.  My FIL laughed thinking that Eli was just trying to get out of coming in.  I had already donned my shoes and was headed for the field when he realized that he was serious.

I moved quickly across the yard.  My shoes on and tied – in case I get into the mud too…  I left without a jacket or gloves.  The field isn’t that far after all.  I trekked out to the spot I’d seen them playing in all day.  Sure enough he was good and stuck.  The top of his boot barely sticking out of the top of the mud.  I pulled on him and freed his foot from the boot.  I moved him to a dry spot and had him sit while I attempted boot rescue.

Imagine.  A thawed patch of muddy, icy, watery gunk.  3 feet wide by 8 foot long and who the hell knows how deep.  No real way to get good tracking on the mud to get the boot out without going knee-deep myself.  Still, I braced myself and pulled.  And pulled.  The damn thing wasn’t budging.  I felt around the outside for anything that might help.  Praise the Gods there is a loop at the back of the boot to help little boys to pull it on.  Today that loop would be used to free a tortured boot from the cold, dark nether regions.  And free it it did.

I have never seen Eli so excited and relieved.  Then it dawned on me how very, very cold I was.  My fingers were frozen from the wetness of the mud and boot.  If my fingers were that cold I couldn’t begin to imagine how cold/frozen Eli’s foot was.  Rapidly we moved across the paths of mud and frozen dirt back to our yard, Eli hobbling all the way with only one foot in a boot.  We hit the yard running and were greeted by my FIL at the door.  He proceeded to help Eli undress while I ran to the sink to warm my hands.  I quickly instructed my honey to get to Eli to warm his foot, knowing he was likely fine as he regaled the entire story to his papa.


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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4 Responses to Stuck

  1. CRAZY! It kind of reminded me of that horrendous sinkhole in Florida…eek!

  2. Elastamom says:

    Whoa!!!! That had to freak him and you out!!! I am SO ready for it to be warm here!!!

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