Hanging with Fire

We bought ourselves a Kindle Fire last year for Christmas.  If I knew then what I know now I would have just bought a Kindle Touch.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Fire.  But, now that we have the iPad it seems obsolete.  Still it makes for a great reading tool so I don’t knock it.

Since buying the Fire I’ve been hogging it.  A lot…  So much so that I bought my honey a Kindle Touch for her birthday so she would have one of her own – a pretty pink case and all.  She was bummed it wasn’t another Fire but very excited to have her own and not have to fight me for the other one.

After getting the iPad we instantly downloaded the Kindle app.  For the most part it only has the kids books that we have downloaded.  It is our way of encouraging more reading from Keegan as well as giving the boys a fun and different way to read.  We also got Storia from Scholastic for it.  We only have a few books from there for the boys but are constantly on the lookout for new ones.

Needless to say, we are truly an electronic reading family.  Don’t let me fool you though.  Our house is still filled enough with “real deal” books to start our own library.  I would NEVER turn my nose up at a good book – real or electronic!  We discovered a new used book store in town over the holiday break.  Books are dirt cheap, in great condition and they donated a crapton of books to the local Children’s Protective Services agency for Christmas.  All pluses in my book!  I took Keegan there and we walked out with a stack of books for the boys, a couple for the moms and I only spent $8.  We will be hanging out there a lot more!

For the very beginning of my holiday break I was swamped ass busy.  Not a moment to rest, up til at least 2am every night.  Going, going, going.  My Kindle Fire was being severely neglected.  I didn’t read a bit for more than a week.  I was going through serious withdrawal and so was my Fire!

Fortunately Christmas day brought a certain calm with it.  My Fire and I wrapped up in my favorite fuzzy blanket and alternated reading and dozing quite a bit.  During the reading time I had some fabulous reads.

Bad Mommy Moments

If you haven’t checked out Cindy Kane’s blog Bad Mommy Moments then stop what you’re doing and go there.  NOW!!!  This woman is hilarious and truly tells it like it is.  She is so amazing that she wrote all of her bad mommy thoughts down into a book and shared it with the world.  It’s available as a “real” book and an eread.  I encourage you ALL to run out and get it.  Cindy takes the time to write a lot of what many of us mothers are thinking about our sweet little angels.  Things that if said out loud would likely get us put in jail.  Things that are true to heart and consequently hilarious because we have been there ourselves.  I read this book in just 2 days.  I’m certain it would have taken me less had I not taken a snooze break at the end of every other chapter 😉  It’s a delightful quick read that kept me head nodding and laughing throughout.

Lois Lowry The Giver series

I started The Giver a few months ago.  I, like many, was frustrated by the ending and all the unanswered questions.  I discovered that it was a series of four books.  I have them all on my Fire.  I recently finished book 3.  For those who have read The Giver let me tell you that book 3 FINALLY answers some of your questions.  All of the stories are set in the future in a utopia like society that somehow still seems to mess everything up.  Essentially there are 3 different stories being told throughout the books.  I’m hoping that book 4 will wrap everything up nicely.

Old Before My Time

This is a true story of a young girl, her family and their struggle with her diagnosis of Progeria.  It is a heartfelt, beautiful story of how families really work through or don’t work through the diagnosis of a special need.  With my job I have seen this time and again.  It was nice to see that the mother who wrote the book remained honest about what they went through.  It is likely to help so many other families.  I cannot say it is an uplifting read.  It is raw and honest and amazing.

Defending Jacob

A truly bizarre story of a 15-year-old boy charged with a classmates murder and his father (the assistant DA) who switches sides to help defend his son.  This story reminded me a lot of the Natalie Holloway case in Aruba.  The book held my attention but  I honestly can’t say that I was happy with the way everything played out.


This is the book I’m currently reading.  It’s a Stephen King novel based a little on the events leading up to the assassination of JFK.  The only thing I can say without giving a lot away is that it’s a time travel novel.  The main character goes back in time through an invisible portal and attempts to change history and keep JFK alive.  I’m only half way through the book right now so I can’t even tell you if he succeeds.  What I can tell you is if you are a Stephen King fan then you NEED to read this book.  I was hooked from the very first page, literally.  I read this book every moment I get.  The book is certainly a Stephen King style of strange but I find myself believing that this could really happen and wondering if it ever has.  He keeps it that real.  I’ve wanted to read this book for a while.  The library didn’t have a digital copy and the “real” book overwhelms me with its size.  I didn’t want to pay the outrageous Kindle price but got lucky one day and it was 90% off.  I got it for a song and I’m so happy I did.  When I started reading it Keegan was sitting next to me.  He asked me what I was reading so I told him “eleven-twenty-two-sixty-three”.  He said “no, what’s it really called?”  I told him again.  He shook his head and said “well that’s a stupid name for a book!”  Stupid or not, it’s a great book!

I have an insane list of books on my Fire and one just as long on Goodreads of books that I desperately want to get to.  Among those are Son – book four in The Giver series; Artemis Fowl; The Last Lecture; Lucky Man (Micheal J. Fox); The Timekeeper; and Les Miserables ( I love the story!)

What have you been reading???


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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  1. Elastamom says:

    Awesome…I got some new ideas from this post! I definitely want to give the Stephen King one a try.

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