**Sharing a little of our holiday tradition with you from posts past over the next few days as I go crazy preparing for the holiday.  I promise to stop in for real every now and again to share some current events with you all.  Happy Holidays!**


Just typing that word makes me feel like a large, Jewish man.  I should be singing and dancing!

I’ve been reading posts around the internet about holiday traditions.  Each one has made me smile.

Many of the posts revolve around the decorations we put up during the holidays.  We spent the weekend decorating the house and tonight decorating the trees.  Yes.  I said treeS.

When my honey and I spent our first Christmas in our tiny little one bedroom apartment with the cave of a kitchen, she started a tradition.  She bought me a mini Christmas tree and a Snoopy ornament – the first in a series.  13 years later the series is still going and I have EVERY SINGLE ONE.  It’s one of my most treasured decorations.

When each of our boys celebrated their first Christmas they received a mini tree from us.  We add an ornament to it each year.  The hope is that they will have a tree full of memories to take with them to their first home away from home.

For now I only have one large Christmas tree.  That will change in the future – I know you’re reading this Honey so get ready after the kids are grown!!

One of my favorite traditions involves the photo frame ornaments that hang on my tree.  We started the tradition the Christmas after we lost our triplets.  We found beautiful frame ornaments and put a picture of each of them in it.  Since then we’ve bought a frame ornament for each of the boys every year and put a picture from around Christmas in it.  I love pulling them out each year and seeing how much they’ve grown over the years.  Someday it’s my hope to have a tree filled with nothing but these treasured frame ornaments.

As we decorate the tree I pull out the ornaments one by one.  We have to be selective depending on the size of the tree.  So many moments and so many memories are stored in those Rubbermaid containers.  There are 3 precious ornaments given to me by my dear friend Tiffany the Christmas after we lost our triplets.  They are gorgeous and make me smile whenever I look at them.  There is a snowflake ornament with a picture of my sister and her dog that she gave me before she had a baby and got married.  There are photo frame ornaments of my nephew Caleb.  There are oodles of hand-made, hand painted, hand crafted ornaments made by 4 of the sweetest little hands.  Each ornament makes me smile and brings a tear to my eye.  I’m a bit of a sap like that.

As with all tradition there are some things that should be given up.  Like that closet full of presents that are yet to be wrapped or categorized in any way.  Ok, yes, I’m an organization freak.  Having this filled up closet just makes me crazy.  Then I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start wrapping.  This is just absurd considering many of the gifts we’ve had for MONTHS!

And then there are the calendars I make for Christmas gifts each year.  They are wonderful and everyone loves them.  The tradition is that I have good intentions of getting them done early every year.  Every year something happens and I have to wait until the night before Christmas Eve to start printing.  Then either the printer goes haywire or I run out of ink.  I refuse to count the number of years I have been at Meijer at 2:30 in the morning on Christmas Eve buying ink so that my calendars are hot off the presses and wrapped by the family get together that evening.  This year I have vowed that will NOT happen.  But stay tuned as I’ll probably text you all from the check out lane at Meijer.

**Dear Meijer – thank you so much for being open 24 hours for crazy idiots like me!  Love, Heather**

What are your most loved, most treasured or most annoying holiday traditions?


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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5 Responses to Tradition

  1. Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you’d lost triplets. How very like our Tiffany to send you something to lift your spirits.

    As you know, Hideous Gumdrop Man plays a huge part in our holiday decorating.

    • We lost our triplets in 2003 – there’s a post about it somewhere in my history. I’ll have to put up the link. Anyway, it was bittersweet because without them going I wouldn’t have my awesome boys:)
      And yes, Tiffany is amazing – always so thoughtful.

  2. Debbi Henry says:

    You have some great traditions, but my favorite is how you gave the boys their own trees and ornaments so they can have trees once they leave home.
    We go to the same Christmas tree lot every year to cut down our own tree. However , he is wanting to retire and isn’t taking care of the trees anymore. It took hours to pick out our tree this year! Next year, we will have to go somewhere else.
    Another tradition we have is making Reindeer Poop cookies. It never fails that we make tons of those cookies!

  3. Elastamom says:

    OK, this one made me cry!!! I remember the triplet time so clearly…I was so very sad for you and your Honey. But you’re right—you wouldn’t have beautiful Eli and Keegan. I think that way too…if I hadn’t had my miscarriage…I wouldn’t have mine. But I’m glad that you treasure those ornaments…it was the least I could do!! My favorite tradition besides the memory tree is the advent calendar. I love having 24 days of little surprises. The kids call it the “lucky bag”. I love it.

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