Looking Forward

It’s conference week around here.

Eli’s report card came home on Friday.

He has made so much progress over the summer, so much progress since the beginning of the school year.

He had all 1’s in the area of math.  No surprise to these mommies.  Our little math wizard is always striving to achieve.

Reading was a 2 with a few 2+.  I’ll admit that I was hoping for slightly better.  But he’s worked so very hard to get this far that I was proud of him no matter what.

Then I read the update of his IEP.

I had heard things were going so well for him.  That his teacher this year wasn’t seeing a lot of the things his teacher last year saw.

His interventionist wrote that he is hanging with one other child only.  He has difficulty with telling a story that doesn’t involve fictional characters like Star Wars or Pokemon, etc.  He still needs prompting when interacting with another child to make the interactions appropriate.

So, yes, progress has been made.  Just not as much as I had hoped for.  What I have to keep telling myself is that he hasn’t even been working for a year on any of his goals.  I need to take a deep breath and let go my worries.  He is making progress, he will make more.  He will succeed.

On a really positive note he has found art.  We spent a lot of time with the worry doctor trying to figure out positive ways for him to express his feelings.  On his own he has begun to draw.  And what amazing things he draws!

He drew this after I sent him to his room this morning for not behaving while waiting for the bus to come.  He was mad at me (in case you couldn’t tell!).  In the past we would have gotten a lot of mean words – the I hate yous, the you are the meanest mommy evers, the I’m running away to “L”s house.  Sure, we still get those on occasion.  But more often lately we get the pictures.  They speak so loudly for him but keep everyone so much calmer.

This week we will go to conferences to learn about all of the wonderful things our boys are doing, about their world at school.  We will learn the things they each need to work on.  We will continue to make learning enjoyable at home and help them progress wherever we can.  We will be wowed by all of the amazing things that each of our boys can do.


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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7 Responses to Looking Forward

  1. That owl is rockin’! We are big on art over here, too! I’m glad he’s found such a good outlet for his feelings.

  2. Elastamom says:

    That owl is wonderful! Making progress is the important thing…even if it’s just a little!

  3. Patty says:

    I love the picture! It reminds me of my daughter’s drawings. She draws so much and I love that she has such a great outlet.

    I know what you mean about wanting more progress. I feel the same way, but you’re right–we need to focus on the positive. It reminds me of something my nephew’s doctor said to my sister. My nephew is developmentally delayed with learning disabilities, etc. The doctor said to her that regular kids who are not delayed are running a race at 100%. Our kids (those who are delayed) have to run with even more effort if they are going to catch up. He said it takes a lot of time to catch up, because it is so gradual, but that you shouldn’t get disheartened, because they are making tons of progress. It just may not seem like tons to us, because we are comparing our kids to where they’re “supposed” to be. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it has always comforted me.

    • Thanks Patty. I think it’s just difficult when I watch him struggle with things that should come so much easier for him. I suspect that’s true for all of us with any of our children.

  4. debbi henry says:

    That owl is great, and how awesome that he has found art as a way to work out his feelings. That is a huge step forward!

    Good luck at conferences. They can be rough, but as you said, he hasn’t even been working on these goals for a year yet, and he has made such good progress. I have no doubt that he will continue to make progress, especially with the support he has from his loving family!

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