Best of All Worlds

Mommy it’s my birthday tomorrow.  Won’t you please, please drive me to school?

Well, how do you turn down a request like that?!?!

I emailed my supervisor and told her I would be flexing an hour on Friday morning.  A mommy’s just GOTTA take the birthday boy to school!

It gave me a good excuse to make sure that the cookies I had delicately decorated the night before made it to school safe and sound.  Apparently they were noted the best birthday cookies E.V.E.R. so it was a good thing I was able to take them!

Same little birthday boy was picked up from school as well – this time by my honey.  He was greeted at home by BOTH mommies!  What a joy to have the family home immediately after school!  He was insanely excited for all festivities to begin.

I ordered a bunch of take out Chinese – the kid lives and dies for seafood Chinese food!  He chose the type of food he wanted and we delivered.  Nana and Papa arrived to shared in the celebration as well.  Then came out the cake – the gold coin, one of many pieces of eight.

Mouths were watering to dive in.  Of course, this was only cake one of two – the other was waiting on the stove to be decorated for Saturday’s festivities!

Happy Birthday was sang.  Presents were opened.  A very excited 7YO headed off to his room to assemble new Lego kits.  The Tigers won the division series.  It was a great day.

Saturday arrived with much more excitement in store.  First to head to soccer practice.  A GREAT way to waste some time before picking up Eli’s friend for his “party”.

When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, Eli replied go to a movie with a friend.  What a fantastic idea!  This little guy who hates crowds and wants to hide in his room during parties and can’t figure out how to be best friends with all of his friends at once, he figured out how to have a great party!  So that is what we did!!

Saturday afternoon FINALLY came!  We loaded up and picked up Eli’s friend and headed for the movie theater.  Cars 2 in 3D was the request.  Fortunately for the budget it was showing at the budget theater!  It helped to make the cost still less than that of a party of 10-15 kids 😉

**sidenote – I haven’t been to a 3D movie since the early ’80’s.  WOW has it changed!  The movie was enjoyable and I didn’t get a headache watching it!**

We spent close to 2 hours with 3 boys delighted at a movie, popcorn, drink and small bag of candy (gotta love the snack pack kids deal at the movies too!).  They quoted movie lines the entire way home.

Yes, Eli's friend's face is smudged out - to protect the innocent 😉

After the movie it was back to our house for some Wii time, playing outside, mummy hotdogs (devoured too fast to get pictures of!), cake and ice cream, more presents, more outside, more Wii, a movie and bed.  Did I mention that this was also a sleep over event?  Yep, the very first with a friend who’s not also a cousin.  And it went fantastic!  The boys got wild just before we made them get into bed.  It was our sign that they were almost past the point of no return and needed someone to be the adult and tell them it was time to sleep.

Ok, there was some major melodrama as there are 2 beds in Eli’s room and little brother was not about to be left out of the sleepover party.  He had been involved in all of the events of the day so it didn’t seem right to kick him out of Eli’s room for sleeping.  So, Eli called top bunk, his friend slept on the bottom bunk and Keegan got a makeshift bed on the floor – which he loved, and which Eli was insanely jealous over.

I’m the birthday boy!  I should get to sleep in my sleeping bag, not Keegan!  So, he slept on the top bunk in a sleeping bag and Keegan still camped out on the floor.  We fully expected Keegan to crawl into bed with us sometime in the middle of the night.  The only time he woke up, though, was to tell us that his bed was “broken”.  So, I went into Eli’s room and put the sleeping bag back on the cushions he was sleeping on and he went right back to sleep.  Everyone was up by 7am but that’s nothing new around here, sadly.

Breakfast was cooked and eaten.  Lots more playing completed in the basement.  Shortly after 9am Eli’s friend returned home.  The house got slightly quieter.  Everyone readied themselves for soccer games to take place in the afternoon.  Life, as we know it, went back to normal.

And, I’ll take a moment to brag about my guys.  Keegan kicked ass and scored 5 goals at his soccer game today.  It was amazing to watch him.  He was passing and dribbling and continually moving the ball toward the net.  It was so fun to watch.  His team won 8 to 1.  The boys have come a long way in just 5 weeks!  And Eli rocked out the defense today.  He was on offense for a bit and really kept the ball moving.  He is my defensive guy, though.  He had a few great saves in goal and helped protect the goalie when on defense.  He watched the ball the whole time and his feet were constantly moving.  His focus was inspiring.  I couldn’t be more proud of the way both of my boys played today!



About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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4 Responses to Best of All Worlds

  1. Patty says:

    This is just fantastic! I’m so glad you guys had such a great birthday weekend! And way to go, Eli for figuring out what would make a perfect day!

  2. Kate says:

    Looks like such a great birthday!

  3. I can’t imagine a better day.

  4. Elastamom says:

    What a wonderful birthday and way to go soccer stars!

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