Tuesday night we met the teacher.  He was quiet.  He was shy.  He survived.  Keegan got Eli’s teacher from last year.  It was a much-needed sameness in this ocean of change.

Wednesday morning was met with a lot of anticipation.

The bus was 20 minutes late picking him up.  The driver tried to make the children cross the street to get on the bus when they are supposed to turn around to pick the children up on our side of the street.  His brother was not going to be on the bus with him today.  He survived.

The bus was 45 minutes late getting home.  Still he claimed it was “the best first day EVER!”  He complained about going to karate but managed to rock it out anyway.  The impending belt test kept him going.

Thursday held yet another day on his own.  The bus was closer to on time both taking him to school and bringing him home.  He said it was another great day.  He said he had the option of going to sensory.  That couldn’t fly.  He struggled at home after school.  Not an issue this week when there is no homework but next week will become a problem.

Time to get to know the teacher.  Email sent.  Please take him to sensory.  He needs it.

Friday.  Kindergarten start day.  Anxiety all over again because his brother is going to school.  He’s worried he won’t find his way.  He’s worried he won’t understand all of the school rules.  How will he find the cafeteria for lunch?  All the while forgetting that he was new to all of this last year and survived.











The bus was late… again…

Keegan was nervous about the bus.  Now whenever he is nervous he reverts back to a few months ago when he got a virus that mirrored a urinary tract infection and made him need to urinate every 10 minutes or so.  As the bus pulled up he swore he had to go to the bathroom again – though he had just gone 5 minutes before.

He boarded the bus and waited for everyone else to get on.  As he sat his smile grew larger.  We waived excitedly until the bus finally pulled away.

When the bus arrived back home it was smiles from Keegan.  Eli quickly ran from the bus.  There were behaviors on the bus.  He had to be talked to by the driver.  All of the anxiety of the week finally let out.  Not appropriate but necessary for him.  We discussed it and moved on, knowing it won’t happen again.

Snacks were had.  Each boy donned a gi.  Time for the karate belt test.  After a crazy week filled with a lot of firsts we were unsure how it would go.

As usual, Sensei invokes calm in my sensory boy.  He helps him find focus.  My boys made me proud once again to be their mommy.

These two little guys amaze me every day.  Last week was no exception.  If anything I was more wowed by them than usual.  They went through a lot in such a short time.  They pushed themselves to be the best they could be, to beat the odds, to survive the unknown.

There will be updates this week as I reveal the email conversations had with the teacher and the intervention specialist.  We are blessed, once again, to have an amazing team supporting our growing boy.  I am beyond excited to see this year play out.


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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3 Responses to Amazed

  1. Lots of changes and adjustment going on, but it sounds like they’re weathering it well.

    WTH is up with the bus being so late and so often? I did love the picture of them waiting for it, though–adorable!

  2. debbi henry says:

    I’m so glad your boys are doing well with the start of this school year. It sure helps to have teachers that you know, and who are wonderful, doesn’t it?
    Hope the bus schedule gets better and congrats on the new belt ranks!

  3. Elastamom says:

    Yes, what IS up with the bus??? I am so glad you all survived the first week with smiles!

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