Yesterday sucked, there can be no doubt about that.

I spent the better part of the day trying to determine where people who questioned us were coming from.  I questioned where I went wrong.

I decided to make the best of the day.  We pulled out the picnic table that’s been hiding in the garage for far too long.  We pulled out the firepit that my honey got me for my birthday.  We grilled chicken and veggies for fajitas.  The boys got into their swim suits and played in the sprinkler to cool off from the day.  My honey ran to the store to get supplies for smores for later in the evening.  It was going beautifully.  I found my smile.

The grilling was done and we were inside getting the dinner prepped so that we could eat at the picnic table.  The boys were still playing in the sprinkler.  Then came the scream.

Keegan was crying in a way I’ve never heard him cry before.  My honey ran to the door to get to him.  He had a gash on his nose that was bleeding pretty badly.  I brought him to the kitchen to get him cleaned up to see how bad it was.  Eli came to the back door upset.  It was just an accident, he kept saying.

Apparently the boys had decided to grab a 2-1/2 gallon bucket to fill with water and dump over their heads.  Eli had just dumped it over his head and was pulling it off.  Keegan was standing too close and the bucket came down fully on the bridge of his nose.

It looked bad, but not horrible.  Better to call the pediatrician anyway.  Of course, he recommended a trip to the ER.

While waiting for the pediatrician to call us back, I got Keegan out of his wet swimsuit and back into warm clothes.  My honey made him a couple of fajitas so he would have food in his tummy in case we had to go to the ER.  Even with a throbbing head and a gash on his nose, the kid at 2 fajitas!  The true sign of a growing boy 🙂

Anyway, I packed him up and he and I headed to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.  Wouldn’t you know I had a Sheriff’s car following me almost the entire way?!?!  As if I didn’t have enough to think about already.  My honey stayed home with Eli and tried to make him feel better.  He was horribly distraught over what happened.

We arrived at the ER with ice pack in hand and checked in.  We were told there would be a wait.  Isn’t there always??  Fortunately we saw the nurse to check us in about 30 minutes after we arrived.  She put us back in the lobby to wait for a room.  We were only out there another 15 or so minutes before we were taken back to a  room.  The nurse that greeted us there was the sweetest man.  He talked so gently with Keegan and made him feel so comfortable.  Then, to wait for the doctor.

She arrived a little while later.  Fortunately there was a Scooby-Doo movie on Cartoon Network to keep little minds occupied.  She was a nurse practitioner and she was fabulous.  She got down on Keegan’s level and talked to him as much as she talked to me.  She explained exactly what was going to happen.  She told him he needed stitches and tried to make him feel good about that.  It didn’t work, but she put forth a good effort.

The nurse came back to get him numbed up for the procedure.  He drew a picture of the needle and thread that would stitch him up.  He drew the picture on the sheet – that made Keegan giggle because he knew he’d get in trouble for doing something like that!

He fell asleep while waiting for the nurse practitioner to come back to stitch him up.  It was 8:30 by this time – past his bedtime.  It was nice to see him slumbering, relaxed and feeling no fear.  She and I both hoped he’d just sleep through the procedure, but of course that wasn’t going to happen.

He woke up, clearly scared because he didn’t remember where he was.  We all talked him through what was going to happen and helped to relax him again.  My little guy was such a trooper.  He laid so still.  He even caught a glimpse of the needle putting the extra numbing medication into his nose and didn’t get at all upset.

2 stitches and 2-1/2 hours later and we were on our way home.  My honey was waiting with perfect coals for the proper making of smores.  He showed off his stitches to his brother before I demanded that he put on a band-aid.  He ate smores like nothing ever happened and then got up and kicked the soccer ball around a little.

Yesterday sucked.  But my baby is ok, both of my sweet boys are ok.  It’s all about family – my little immediate family.  People will judge, people may even hate.  But, I’m done letting them cut through my spirit.  Those of you who love us far outweigh those who don’t.

Much like taking Keegan to the ER last night, we will do what it takes for our family, for our boys.  Thanks again to those of you who have commented or sent messages.  We do feel your love and are incredibly blessed to we have you.  You will keep us going this summer.

I will be back to regular posts tomorrow.  Our summer of craziness begins tomorrow.  I will fuel the fires no longer.  This chapter has ended.  A lively looking new one has begun.  I can’t wait to see how it pans out!


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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2 Responses to Perspective

  1. Debbi Henry says:

    I’m so glad that Keegan got such a great nurse and doctor to help him out. Sorry about the crappy day, but in true Heather spirit, you are looking ahead and focusing on what is important!! HUGS

  2. Elastamom says:

    I’m so glad all he needed was 2 stitches. I will have alcohol, good food and GREAT conversation at the ready on Thursday—something to look forward to! 🙂

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