Wrong Number

It happens to us all.

The phone rings, you answer.  The person on the other end asks for a name that does not belong to you or anyone in your home.  You politely state that they have the wrong number and you both hang up.

The same scenario is now beginning to pop up more and more in the text messaging world.  My understanding is that protocol is to text the person back letting them know that you got their message and not the party they were trying to reach.

Sometimes, however, you get a message that throws you for such a loop that you can’t possibly text the person back.  In my case I was in such hysterics that I dropped my phone.


Because the message I received read:

Welcome to the Partners OB Team Pregnancy SMS demo.

You are 5 weeks pregnant.

Now, in my world, that is an IMPOSSIBLE task without a little lot of divine (or medical)  intervention and some serious explaining to my honey!

Add to that the fact that I am now on birth control for recent medical issues and this text is just that much more hilarious.

I shared the text with my honey and she nearly fell out of her chair.  I believe her comment was “wouldn’t THAT be funny”!!!

I’m certain that somewhere some soon to be mom is anxiously awaiting the results of her pregnancy hormone test.  She is assuredly hoping for the answer I already know to be true.

I, on the other hand, am ecstatic that it’s not me!


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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5 Responses to Wrong Number

  1. Debbi Henry says:

    That’s really funny!
    I hope that mother to be calls her OB just to check on her results!

  2. Mrs.Mayhem says:

    My husband would FREAK if I received a text like that! I don’t blame you for screaming and dropping the phone!

  3. Seriously? OB’s are texting pregnancy results now? I mean, I get appointment confirmations by text from my dentist but finding out you are pregnant?! Crazy.

  4. Elastamom says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I just about spit out my coffee. LOL!!!

  5. Kate says:

    At least it’s acne wrong number message. I got a call telling (not my name) that they were being served with court papers and if she didn’t make herself available, they would be at her place of work. Yuck.

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