Friday Finale – Personality Disorder?

People Are Crazy – Billy Currington

I gotta start today by wishing my little blog a very happy 1st birthday!!  One year ago today I started typing away.  It wasn’t much at first.  I shared a little here and there.  Life got crazy, I had no followers and no commenters.  I let it go.  A good friend mentioned that she missed my stories.  I started writing again and have been here ever since!  So a BIG thanks to all of you who have found me in this crazy world and stuck with me!  I’m excited to begin the journey of the next year with all of you!

Now for the good stuff…

I did a lot of reflecting today.  We had a retreat at work and we took some time to figure out our personalities.  Were we dominant, influencing, steady and/or conscientious?  How did all of that fit within our day-to-day life.  We focused specifically on our day-to-day work life for this exercise.  I took the opportunity, however, to think about myself in many different facets of my life.

At work today I was seen as conscientious.  That label means that I need to plan ahead.  I need to make lists.  I need to think things to death before making a decision on anything.  Basically this equated my self-diagnosed OCD.  I wasn’t surprised by the answer.  It’s who I am in most of my life.

We did some team building exercises where we realized that we have accomplished some pretty impressive things despite the dysfunctionality of our group!  We did some yelling and cursing.  Many of us just plain got pissed off.  It was in these times that I took the opportunity to really stop and look at myself.

I found when I was getting frustrated that I took all of my frustrations out on the people who tend to frustrate me the most – whether or not it was their fault.  Really I didn’t even stop to look at whose fault it might be.  I stopped the blame with them.  It turned out in the end that the people I was getting upset at had nothing to do with the problem.  They were as much a part of the mess as I was and there were external influences that were actually working against all of us.

I was disappointed in myself when I realized this.  I’ve never pegged myself for a judgemental person.  But here I was placing blame on people just because I didn’t like the job they did or how they approached the job I do.  People who I’ve had personality conflicts with in the past became targets simply because.  Who was this person and when did she take over my body?

I put myself in check right away.  This was exercise #1 for crying out loud!  We still had 2 more team building exercises to go!  I needed to be more positive.  I needed to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  I needed to act like the manager I hope to grow up to be someday!

So I smiled my best smile.  I nodded and offered genuine words of encouragement.  I asked others for their opinions and respected their input.  I worked within my team and checked myself first if I started to get upset about something.  By the end of the day I believe I became a nice blend of all of the personalities we went through earlier in the day.

I walked away today realizing that I need to let some things in my life go.  I need to stop worrying about them so much and move on.  I need to point the finger at me before I point it at anyone else.  Those things that I’ve wanted to stop but continue to allow to happen?  Well, I need to walk away from them.  Stop saying yes to everything and everyone.  Make others accountable for themselves in the same way that I am making myself accountable.

I have a strong personality that is very dominant in a specific area.  I need to make sure that I respect that while also embracing the other personalities within me.  Perhaps then the voices in my head will finally calm ;0)

God is great, beer is good & people are crazy!


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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