I’m linking up today with ck at Bad Mommy Moments.  It’s been a really crappy week – a week when most everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.  And so, I need a little !!! to put me back on my feet!

For those of you unfamiliar to !!! you can read about it here.

Here is my !!! for the past week in the hopes of helping to wipe out the crappy.

Having an impromptu and very out of the ordinary lunch at the Botanical Gardens with my honey and Keegan on a truly beautiful day!

Being the mommy chosen to attend Eli’s t-ball game on Saturday.  And, watching him do such a phenominal job!  And, hearing him say to the little guy that always gets him hyped up “don’t bother me right now, I’m trying to watch our game!”
Getting video mail on my phone from my honey so I could watch Eli doing his first real flip on the trampoline!
Coming home from running errands to find my children and the neighbor’s children giggling loudly as they raced down the slip and slide in our back yard.
Buying a tent for the cabin and then agreeing to sleep in it with the boys this weekend in our back yard if mother nature doesn’t bless us with more rain.
Coming home this ENTIRE week to well behaved, happy boys!  The love so much their new babysitter and their new schedule!  NOTHING got broken this week and there were no major behavior incidences!!!
Thanks ck and momalom for coming up with such a great idea to help us focus on the happy that is all around us!  It certainly made my day better today!!
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Intentional Happiness

Bad Mommy Moments !!! Momalom !!!

About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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3 Responses to !!!

  1. ck says:

    Reading your !!! moments made me smile, especially that you said "yes" to sleeping out in the tent with your boys. Every time I say "yes" to something I generally don't want to do with my girls, it always, ALWAYS leads to more !!! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your !!!s

  2. It's so great to have something to be happy about after a crappy week, isn't it? Thanks CK!

  3. ttownsend says:

    Awesome !!! 🙂

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