Friday Finale

This week…. Rock Bottom – Wynonna Judd

This song epitmizes where we were last weekend and where we are headed.  Those of you reading this week know that we hit rock bottom – HARD…

But baby, we’re headed straight up!

We’ve continued the zero tolerance policy and it seems to be helping.  We are addressing the Kindergarten anxieties and Eli is going to visit a classroom at his new school this afternoon.  We have made a plan for the summer.

We have put together a summer schedule – complete with pictures.  God bless the preschool teacher still inside me!  It goes into place on Monday so we’ll have the entire weekend to talk about it and get the kids ready for it.

Monday starts our new babysitter for the summer.  A friend of mine has a 17 year old daughter who is so very excited to take on Mondays and Tuesdays with the boys.  My friend has a son with autism so her daughter is used to the sensory stuff and boys being boys.  Plus she’s young and cute and my boys will eat that up!  They seem to behave so well for the cute babysitters….

My MIL will return on Wednesdays and Thursdays to hang with the boys.  I’m happy to report that she almost sounded disappointed that she wasn’t going to be with them daily for the summer.  I’m glad she still feels that way!  The other lovely thing is that Thursdays will be only for a half day thanks to my honey’s fabulous schedule!

Fridays the boys will go to summer camp where Eli goes to therapy.  His therapist loves to have Keegan come every year as a peer model.  Keegan just gets a kick out of the fact that he “gets” to go to therapy!

Eli will continue with t-ball on Thursdays and Saturdays for most of the summer.  We are having both boys do a soccer camp later this summer and we are looking into swimming lessons.  We are also planning down time at the cabin for the boys to just be boys.

I’m sending out a thank you to everyone for letting me vent this week.  The past few weeks have been rough to get through.  You were all so incredibly supportive.  You are exactly what I hoped for when I started this blog!

I’m also sending out a big welcome to my new followers!  It’s great to have you on board! 

Finally I reiterate….  Baby, we’re headed straight up!  Things are looking better.  We are done moving sideways – it really got us nowhere.  “When you get down to nothing you’ve got nothing to lose!”  We were down to nothing.  We rolled the dice and so far we’re beating the house.


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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7 Responses to Friday Finale

  1. to quote my favorite movie, Meet the Robinsons'– Keep Moving Forward! Great News!

  2. The Henrys says:

    Heather, I am so glad that things are looking up and that you have a good plan for the summer. I am also so glad that Eli is getting the chance to visit a kindergarten classroom. Hopefully that will help ease his fears. Let us know how it goes!I like the idea of us maybe getting together sometime this summer. We will have to see if we can work that out. Maybe meet up at a zoo or something?

  3. Heather B says:

    Thanks Stacey! That's exactly what we're trying to do:)Debbi – Email me when you get a chance and we'll definitely set something up:) We live entirely too close not to!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Can I meet with you guys at the zoo too??? I'd love that!! To meet Debbi and clan and see Heather and boys?? Let me hone in, please! 😉 And, heather, the teacher in us never goes away!! I am busy making "summer schedules" too…especially for Liv!! Glad you're on the way up!

  5. Heather B says:

    Tiffany – I think you should hone in on our zoo get together! The more the merrier! I'll get with both of you and we'll work it out!!!

  6. Caitlin Wray says:

    Heather, I didn't even realize you had a blog until I clicked on your profile to contact you! What a stunning photo of you and your boys! You know, I have gotten pretty comfortable and fairly confident handling most of Simon's behaviours, but it is still the hard-core impulsive stuff (like spraying people in the face with a hose, etc) that I really struggle with. We've been working on repeating the phrase "think TWICE" as a mental trigger for him to pause before the impulsive behaviour, and we've had some limited success with it. I think it's time for me to do some research for a post on managing impulsivity…I wanted to ask you if you'd be interested in participating in an upcoming interactive Q&A on my blog with author Chynna Laird. If you think you might be interested, click the contactr button on my blog to get in touch with me, and I'll send you the details so you can decide if you'd like to participate :)

  7. Alysia says:

    glad things are looking up for you! Can't wait to hear about all your summer adventures (I may be stealing some of your ideas!! :-)Alysia

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