Celebrate Good Times

As this weekend comes to a close I look back at all that belonged to my birthday weekend.

Friday night we dropped the boys off at Nana and Papa’s.  They had sleeping bags, a change of clothes, ride tickets for the church festival and all of their nighttime friends in tow.  We even treated to Burger King for Iron Man 2 toys.  Are we cool mom’s or what?!  Then, we squealed tires as we headed off down the street.

We enjoyed a dinner out.  No place special – just TGI Friday’s.  But there was Electric Blue Lemonade (filled with Vodka!) and there were no little people complaining, bothering other patrons or stealing my food.

We shopped at Kohl’s.  We wandered through the store.  We browsed clearance racks and sale racks.  There were no little people complaining, begging to leave, asking to use the bathroom, staring at my butt when I tried clothes on.

We drove to the zoo.  We stood outside the amphitheatre listening to Ingrid Michaelson open up for the Barenaked Ladies.  She was amazing.  A truly incredible voice.  A great artist.  You really should check her out!  We sauntered into the amphitheatre and found our seats on the bench.  We were greated by friends we haven’t seen in ages who happened to be sitting in front of us.  Total chance!  The Barenaked Ladies took the stage and rocked!  I laughed so hard I cried.  They rock like they’re in a jam session.  They make up songs, they banter with each other.  They sang new songs with heart and brought us home with old favorites.

The concert ended.  Sadly, we didn’t know what to do!  We discussed bars but aren’t really into the scene anymore (and don’t really know where any good bars are anyway… sad, I know!).  We drove a couple of different directions until we realized that we really were tired and headed home to sleep.

I awoke on my birthday to the sun creeping around the curtains.  I did not awake to Keegan standing outside my room asking if he could come into my bed yet.  I did not awake to Eli staring at me.  I did not awake to an alarm.  I rolled out of bed when I was ready and took a nice, long, relaxing bath.  I was treated to a Chai Chill from Bigby (my honey created a monster with that – she has no one to blame but herself!).  And then we picked up the boys.

Eli had t-ball practice so we all went.  Keegan and I played on the playground while Eli practiced.  We went home and had lunch and some quiet time because the boys had been up late.  My honey went to the store to gather the ingredients for my birthday dinner.  In the interest of time I made my own birthday dessert – strawberry margarita pie. 

We went to one of the local metroparks to play and to walk.  We took the good camera and got some beautiful shots of the boys.  They explored as boys should.  They found bugs and listened to birds.  They ran and played.  I took it all in.

We enjoyed dinner with my in-laws.  Thanks TKW for the Bobby Flay Scallops recipe post!  It was to. die. for.!  I opened my presents.  Eli made me the greatest picture.  I got a new garden ornament (a breast cancer ribbon), a CD and a new frying pan.  I read stories with my boys and put them into bed.  I enjoyed some quiet time and then shuffled off to bed myself. 

I awoke to Eli crying because he had a cramp in his hand.  I layed with him in his bed and rubbed his hand until he fell back to sleep.  I slept right next to him still holding his hand.  We woke up together and wandered quietly downstairs.  He watched cartoons while I dozed until truly ready to be awake.  Keegan joined us an hour later and we all ate breakfast together.

We dressed and went outside to work on staining the mailbox.  While we waited for the stain to dry we created driveway art with chalk.  Eli and Keegan made up elaborate stories to go with their art.  We went back inside to eat lunch.  Keegan and I caught a nice nap together.  We went back out after our nap and put a coat of polyurethane on the mailbox.  While waiting for that to dry we had some family computer time.  It was a sight to see me on my laptop and each of the boys on their Leapsters! 

We went for a family bike ride.  Eli tried biking without training wheels.  He was not willing to focus on it today but he did compromise and I only put one training wheel back on.  He rode around like that for awhile.  It will be a good summer working on it!

It was the weekend I hoped it would be.  I got the “me” time that I needed and longed for.  I got the family time that I yearned for.  Most of all I had fun and enjoyed the life that I have been given. 


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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3 Responses to Celebrate Good Times

  1. The Henrys says:

    What an amazing, wonderful, fun-filled weekend you had! I am very happy that you had such a great weekend and a great birthday!

  2. Tiffany says:

    That sounds like the perfect day!!!

  3. priceless…and all is good in your world! 🙂

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