Friday Finale

As promised – the birth history of my last little angel.  And, in his honor, Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time”.  His newest favorite song to sing thanks to the Chipmunks.

After much thought we determined that I would be the one to carry our next child.  We had many conversations with both the OB and the fertility doctor.  Everyone was going to watch me like a hawk.  Our first round of IUI produced no results.  The second attempt in July 2005 took and our adventure began with my second pregnancy.

Everything was relatively uneventful in the beginning.  I had nausea for the first 13 weeks, but tolerable compared to my nausea with the triplets.  The worst thing was that I couldn’t eat chocolate – not one bite – without getting sick.  Keegan today is a chocoholic but I couldn’t eat any for 9 months with him!

I kept in regular contact with my OB.  The high risk doctor that had seen me with the triplets determined that I have an overactive uterus that doesn’t like to stretch.  It was his belief that that was the reason for the extreme premature delivery.  Fortunately, there had been research that was completed since my last pregnancy.  It showed that often times progesterone injections during the pregnancy would help to relax the uterus and keep a woman from going into premature labor.  It was determined that these injections would be started for me at 17 weeks gestation and go until 36 weeks – essentially 20 injections.  I went weekly to the doctors office on my lunch hour to have a very friendly nurse poke me in the hip with the biggest needle I’ve ever seen.  It was quite literally a pain in the ass but if it was going to help my baby get to full term it was worth every single poke.  And, now I have the scars on my behind to remind me of how much pain I went through for him!

I was able to keep with monthly checkups until I reached 24 weeks.  This, by the way, was a huge celebration at our house.  Since I hadn’t made it to 24 weeks with the triplets, we were happy for everyday that we got after 23 weeks.  However, at 24 weeks I did start to contract.  We, along with the OB, were not really surprised by this.  With the triplets I always measured large because of there being more than one baby.  When I delivered at 23 weeks I was measuring 32 weeks.  My contractions started at 15 weeks with the triplets and I was measuring somewhere around 23 weeks.  But while we weren’t surprised, we were scared.  The progesterone was supposed to help this. 

Because of all of this my visits got increased to 2x/month and I got a vaginal ultrasound added into the mix at each of these visits.  So now I was getting a weekly poke in the ass and a bi-monthly wand stuck in the va-jay-jay.  This kid was really starting to get on my nerves!  But we had been through so much with the triplets that I was willing to do pretty much anything to ensure the health of my baby.  So I became the person everyone knew at the OB’s office and all I could do was sit back and hope for the best.

Other than being breech, everything remained pretty status quo.  Contractions continued but never affected anything.  It was really just annoying.  In March 2006 that started to change.  The contractions started to get stronger and I actually started to dialate.  My due date was 4/16/06 – Easter Sunday.  I knew I wouldn’t make it that far but I also knew that I’d made it to a safer point in the pregnancy.  My major concern/complication now was that my stubborn baby was still breech.

I started to spend at least 1x/week at the hospital being monitored.  I would be at work, the contractions would get really bad, I’d call the doctor and then I’d go hang at the hospital for awhile.  Every time I would be checked and told I was dialated to 1.  They would monitor the contractions, which amazingly would stop about 20 minutes after I arrived at the hospital.  And, they would do an ultrasound and remind me that this baby was breech and I was really needing to get myself ready for a c-section. 

After about 2 weeks of this I told my doctor I’d had enough.  I wanted an end date.  My baby was still breech and I needed a light at the end of the tunnel from these annoying/painful contractions and a baby that insisted on kicking me straight in the va-jay-jay at least once a day.  She scheduled a c-section for 4/6/06.  It was 3 weeks away.  Surely I could hold out that much longer.  After all, I was excited to have made it this far!

About 2 weeks later I ended up in the hospital again.  This time they actually discussed admitting me.  The contractions were stronger and I was dialaged to 3!  The kicker was that the ultrasound this time showed a baby no longer in breech!  Sometime before this hospitalization the little stinker finally decided to turn.  When I thought back I remembered a night a few days before this hospitalization where I was in a lot of pain and it was really uncomfortable to sleep.  It was probably that night.  This was a good and a bad for me.  I feared that I would lose my c-section date now that he’d turned.  I was elated that I no longer required a c-section.  I had to talk to my doctor if I made it to the next appointment.  But, just as before, the contractions stopped about 20 minutes after I arrived and I was again sent home.

On 3/31/06 I had a doctor appointment.  I went in and told her that I was done.  I couldn’t take the contractions anymore and that I just wanted to be induced on the date she had scheduled for the c-section.  She checked me and I was still dialated to 3.  Before I knew it I was in intense pain – she’s stripped my membranes.  She grinned at me and said that I’d either go into labor that night or she promised to see me at the hospial on 4/6.  Either way, I left the office with an end to all of this very close and the opportunity to hold my baby very near.

I went home, got my honey and Eli and went for a walk around our neighborhood.  The contractions started and were getting more intense.  We went home and made dinner – egg salad sandwiches.  We sat at the table and I was determined to eat.  I knew this was it and I wanted to make sure my belly was full because I wasn’t gonna get food for awhile.  The contractions were really getting bad and so during dinner I started my Lamaze breathing.  Contractions were about 5 minutes apart.  The best memory of this night was little 18 month old Eli doing Lamaze breathing with me!  Every time I would start it he would join in until I finished.  It was the sweetest thing:)

After dinner, I called the doctor.  She was hesistant to have me come in because of all of my past episodes of crying wolf.  I managed to convince her that this was the real deal.  She finally relented and we were on our way to the hospital.  Upon arrival they put me in a room, hooked me up to monitors and informed me that they weren’t going to admit me just yet. 

At 5 minutes before midnight my water broke – boy did they rush to get me admitted then!  I begged at that time for the edidural since the injection they gave me barely touched my contractions for more than an hour.  They called the anesthesiologist and my doctor to get the ball rolling.  Two hours later the anesthesiologist finally showed up.  I was furious with him for taking his sweet time and leaving me in pain.  However, after the first bolus he was my new best friend.  I’d have married him at that point if he’d asked me to!  I watched a contraction appear on the monitor and rise up to the mid 60’s and I. didn’t. feel. a. thing.!!!  The more amazing part was that I had what is termed the “perfect epidural”.  I had no pain but full function of all of my limbs!

At about 4am on 4/1/06 it was time to start pushing.  It took a minute to get my body back into the motion but eventually I remembered exactly what I was supposed to do.  It was slightly scary because when I would push my baby’s heart rate would drop.  It went back up between contractions.  The doctor didn’t seem to concerned but was readying the suction just in case she had to get him out quickly.  Finally he crowned though and it got better.  When his shoulders came out the doctor realized that he was holding his umbilical chord on his belly and squeezing it whenever I would push.  Again with the little stinker!  The last push came and my baby was out!  And my baby cried!!!!!!  I’ve never heard a more beautiful sound.  The doctor wrapped my baby in a blanket and my baby was laid on my abdomen.  My honey cut the chord and all I wanted to know was if my baby was a boy or a girl.  We had never found out!  The doctor grinned and told us we’d just have to look and see:)  My honey unwrapped the blanket to find out our precious little baby was a boy!  Keegan Patrick McVay was born at 4:36am on 4/1/06 and weighed 7lbs 7oz.

The rest of the hospital stay was uneventful.  We were released the next afternoon and sent home to be the parents of now 2 boys.  The rest, as they say is history.  In our case, it’s the past, the present and the future.  And, much of the reason for this blog.  So, thanks for coming to join our family Keegan!  I love you with all my heart!


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I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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  1. TKW says:

    He is beautiful! Happy Belated Birthday to your little man.I had two complicated births, but compared to your story, it's nothing. Wow.

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