Bad Apple Award

One of the supervisors at work came up with the idea of giving a “Bad Apple Award” for those of us that like to complain.  Since then I seem to find myself complaining more about anything in general.  I joke that I will just wallpaper my cubby with Bad Apple Awards.  I’ve decided to take a moment to give myself my own Bad Apple Award after my moment to complain.  So, please bear with me while I vent!

It irritates me that my MIL feels the need to clean my house everyday instead of watch my boys.  I realize that they are quick but not quick enough to turn on all 3 ceiling fans by moving furniture to reach the pull chains and proceed to stand beneath them throwing wet washcloths up at them to “clean” the bedrooms without being noticed.  Please stop cleaning my house – it’s not filthy after all.  Play with my boys and enjoy them while they are little.  I love that you are there for them each day – please just focus your day on them.

STOP changing the rules!!!!!  I realize that you all sit behind your fancy desks in your $1000 chairs making decision after decision in Columbus and don’t realize what I’m doing here in the real world.  I serve families.  I help to make their lives just a little bit better.  When you change things so often you make me doubt myself and that makes me doubt my abilities to help the little people you brought me here for.  Make a decision and stick to it.  Better yet, ask me about my opinion!  I can tell you that families don’t really care about all of your forms and whether or not I sent them this letter or check the right box on that form.  They only care that their child makes progress, that I am addressing the needs of their child.  So, please get your heads out of the clouds and back into the real world.  Stop pushing paper and start helping our future.

Eli – I get that you can’t help yourself sometimes, I can’t help myself sometimes either.  I’ll try not to yell at you if you try not to go crazy trying to figure out how things work.  You are incredibly intelligent – I get that.  You outsmarted me years ago.  Please stop telling me how much more you know than me.  It makes me crazy and really only gets me more frustrated.  You’re right, most of the time.  Someday I’ll be proud of how much more you know than me.  For now, just let me be your mom and be the one who’s right most of the time.
Keegan – Please stop trying to flood my house.  Come summer you can play in as much water as you want.  For now, knock it off!  My bathroom is not a water free for all.  I do not appreciate wiping splashed water off the ceiling.  I appreciate that you put your clothes in the dirty clothes basket each morning.  But, could you please stop putting the clothes you choose not to wear each day into the dirty clothes basket.  They are still clean – you only put them on for a moment and then changed your mind.  Hang them back up!
Both – PLEASE HIT THE TOILET.  I really can’t stress this enough!  I’m tired of cleaning pee up off the floor and only dread what I will find the day I decide to move the toilet and replace the floor in each bathroom.  It isn’t that hard to point – please start working on that skill!

Ok.  I thank you immensly for working extra hours to cover the temporary raise in taxes.  It has meant the world to me.  I really only have one complaint right now.  Let me sleep in once in awhile.  I know that you wake up at 4:30am everyday.  The weekends are nice for you to sleep in.  I get up at 7am everyday.  There really is no change for me on the weekend.  It would be nice for you to offer more often to let me sleep a couple of extra hours.  It will benefit you as well – perhaps I’ll be less cranky:)

I love you all dearly.  I am proud to call you my friends.  I’m more than happy to be there for all of you through thick and through thin.  Please just remember to ask about me every now and again!  Some of you are very good at that.  Others are not.  I’m a giver, not a receiver.  Most of the time I’m ok with that.  Just please don’t forget that I got through shit too and sometimes just need a shoulder to cry on – only I don’t ask for it.  I need you to just keep an eye on me and don’t be afraid to ask about me every now and again. 

Finally – Mother Nature:
I’m DONE with winter!  You didn’t snow when I wanted you too.  And now you dump on me!  I’m ready for sunshine and nice weather.  I need to get outside and walk, run, ride my bike.  I’m done with being cooped up in the house all the time.  I’m done shoveling over gigantic drifts and being sore afterward.  Please melt this mess, turn my grass green and let me play outside again!

I hope that no one takes offense to anything said here tonight.  This is merely my avenue to vent for a brief moment.  Now I shall take my award and run with it knowing that this is out of my system and I can be a more positive me tomorrow:)  Thanks for listening!


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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