Nintendo Nightmare!

We decided last week to join the gaming races.  We have put off buying a gaming console for many reasons.  The main one being that we didn’t want the boys to get hooked on video games at such a young age.  But, being the parents that we are, we decided that they are old enough and we CAN set limits for them so that they don’t turn into 5 year old junkies!

We informed the little cherubs that we would be purchasing a Wii.  Eli started to yell (because he can’t talk when he’s upset) that he NEEDS an XBOX!  Now, this is only because he played Lego Star Wars on his cousin’s XBOX while we were in Indy.  When I informed him that he could get the same game for the Wii he was ok.  Keegan was excited at the announcement and shouted (because he can’t talk when he’s excited) that he wanted “driving Mario” – translation Mario Kart.  How he knew anything about that game is a mystery to me, but it’s a cool game so I said he could get it.  We were going for the Wii Fit – I really HATE treadmills and miss outdoor biking, so it’s my hope that this will be a winter time fitness activity that I’ll actually stick to! 

We packed up the crew Saturday morning and headed out to find the Wii.  We had some Costco shopping to do so we decided to check there first.  They often have great bundle deals.  We were surprised to see XBOX bundle deals but not a Wii in sight.  Oh well, Toledo is a big city with plenty of other places to shop!  Next came Best Buy – all the shelves were empty.  Off to Toys R Us we went.  They had empty boxes on the shelf that you take to the counter for the real deal and there were 3 of them left!!!!  This was it!  They didn’t have the games we wanted but we can get those anywhere!  I took the empty box up to the counter and…….  SOLD OUT!!!  Why have the empty boxes on the shelf if there are no consoles????  We flew into Target next to find more empty shelves.  Sears was our last option and….  more empty shelves.  Not a Wii to be found in the city of Toledo.  So, home we went, empty handed and with depressed children.

Being the computer savy parents we are, we decided to internet shop.  It would take longer to get because of shipping time, but at this point it was worth it.  Nothing but brick walls and dead ends again!  Internet sold out – except for those horders who were trying to get an arm and a leg for the console that everyone wants.  I’m NOT that desperate or that stupid!  It’s really not worth all that to me.  We can all wait!

So, I’ve pooled my resources again!  My brother works for Blockbuster and he has a friend who works for Best Buy.  I have both of them on the lookout for the first console they can find.  My brother-in-law in Indy is on the lookout too.  I may end up with 2 or 3 systems.  But hey, then I can be a horder too and make a quick buck on ebay:)


About Brotherly Love

I am a mom, partner, teacher and a lover of life. I have two fabulous boys who define my life as I know it. One of my children has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, Asperger's and anxiety disorder. I blog as much about him as I do about my life and the lives of my immediate family.
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2 Responses to Nintendo Nightmare!

  1. Hartley says:

    Hi,Thought I would check in and see how your family is doing. :)We have a Wii as well. We have SERIOUS rules for it (no playing on week days, only for special occassions, and parents must be present during the ENTIRE gaming session), but the boys love it.Truthfully, it has provided our whole family with a good laugh and hours of fun.We bought ours from a friend. Ebay was too expensive for us too!Good luck,

  2. Tsquared417 says:

    that is crazy that you couldn't find one!! We use tickets for the Wii b/c the boys get obsessed!! They get a certain amount a week and when they're gone…no more!!

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